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Culture and heritage

Culture and heritage

Among the civil construction monuments emphasized is a harmonious Renaissance building close to the Ciprijan Žuvetić Castle (kaštil) (1467). Kaštili are Pučišća trademark and are very interesting both from historical and constructional point of view.

Parish church of St. Jerolime was built in 1566 whilst today is an important church-monument of the village. During time church was annexed and alterated in baroque style. On the altar is a wooden relief of Pučišća patron saint, St. Jerolime, made of the olive tree, piece of work of the sculptor Franjo Čiočić. On St. Ante’s altar there is a pale of St. Rochus, a valuable painting work of Tizian’s student Palma the Younger. This church treasury preserves numerous valuable church-items and the nicest church dresses but also the inappreciable Povaljska listina.

On the southwest of Pučišća is situated a small church of St. Dujam. Although abandoned this church is a baroque pearl of the island, unique in its architecture. The last mass was held in this church in 1812.

This small church is considered the Pučišće trademark and was renewed in 1563 when was also mounted a stone relief of St. George killing the dragon. Relief is posted on the church altar.

The Stone-mason’s school in Pučišća successfully continues tradition of precious procession of stone, somewhat backward as regards to advanced technology. It recently celebrated the 100th anniversary of work whilst in the school workshop, apprentices’ young hand are making real masterpieces in stone.