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Brački vitalac

Brački vitalac is a traditional Brač dish prepared of the lamb innards.

Sir iz mišine (cheese ripened in the skin of lamb)

Sir iz mišine (cheese ripened in the skin of lamb) represents the beginning of culinary. It is produced from milk naturally coagulated within the lamb skin, processed to cheese skin. Ideal to taste with the home-made bread under the lid.

Bolski cviti

Bolski cviti are cake traditionally put on the wedding tables. It is easily prepared: egg pastry with milk, flour, oil, sugar, some fat and maraschino is rolled out flat and by using shapes or own imagination are made appropriate forms later cut and baked on thin metal plate.


Dormouse hunting is known since the Roman Empire and in Brač is still fostered.  They are mostly prepared on grill and are a particular gastronomic speciality.