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Gornji humac

Gornji humac

The village of Gornji Humac is inland, approximately in the center of Brac. It is suituated on gentle slopes exposed to the sun. The villagers are occupied with livestock farming, beekeeping, also cutting and selling  timber.


Gornji Humac is an early  Crotian settlement established on the eastern plateau of the Island of Brac when Neretvia Croats arrived in the 12th. Century. The first mention of the village was in 1184 and was called HLMACANE.  [People who live on Hum.]


This kind of name indicates its great antiquity and it always refers to settlements of ancient times.  A church was built in honour of Saint Nicholas.

Touristic attractions:

Brac cheese, homemade bread in a traditional oven, lamb, “vitalac”
– Brac specialties are found in ambient taverns and inns.

What to see?

Church of St. Nicholas which has  baroque characteristics, built during the 17th and 18the century.

Triptych with the Mother Mary and child Jesus,    St. Michael with scales who  kills the dragon,   Statue of St. Nikola in the southern part of the church of St. Nicholas sculptured by Juraj Dalmatinac

Wrought iron fence, a rare piece of craft art in Dalmatia at the Church of Our Lady in the cemetery.