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Praznica is a small inland village on the Island of Brac.  It is noted for the farming of crops and cattle.

Praznica is one of the oldest village on Brac and is typical for the area. Located on the road to Nerezisca-Selca, it is 400 meters above sea level and today has about 400 inhabitants,mostly herders and farmers.

Houses are traditional farm houses, built in the local rural style that has remained till today, they have spacious courtyards were barns and additional small cottages and sheds have been built, also the animals are sheltered here in the winter.


The local festival  is on the day of Saint Anthony,   17th. January.

Churches in Praznica a real guide through the history of the area. In the local cemetery, ‘Cimatorij’, is the Church of Saint Cyprian dating from the XIII. Century. In the chapel is a famous Renaissance stone relief completed in 1467, this reflects a significant part of the history of art in Dalmatia.  It is thought this relief came from the workshop of the famous Stonemason  Nicholas Florentine.


In Praznica square locals would tell stories of The Church of All Saints, [Svih Svetih], that built by A.Mihovilovic in 1638,  here you will find elements of Romanesque-Gothic style from the 17th century.


Tourist attractions:

Brac cheese, homemade bread in traditional oven, lamb, “vitalac”

Small carving workshop

What to see?

Church of St. Cyprian (13th century)

Church of All Saints (17th century)

Renaissance stone relief (year 1467th) takes an important place in the history of art in Dalmatia